Abilov Almat Asanovich - 4th category commodity operator of Akshabulak field

On July 19, 2022, Abilov Almat Asanovich, the operator of the commodity 4th category of Akshabulak field, was seen off to a well-deserved rest. Abilov A.A. worked at JV Kazgermunai LLP for 24 years, while his total work experience is 44 years.

Almat Asanovich began his career as an electrician in the security department of the City Department of Internal Affairs. He got a job in JV Kazgermunai LLP in 1998 as a driver. In 2005, after graduating from Kyzylorda State University named after Korkyt Ata with a degree in Oil and Gas Business, he was hired as an oil and gas production operator.

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