The Best Professional


Competition of professional skills for the title Uzdіk maman among the working professions of Kazgermunai JV LLP


Competition goals


  • the identification, dissemination and implementation in practice of advanced methods and techniques of work;
  • increasing the level of professional and theoretical training of workers;
  • development of creative activity of workers and a positive impact on the growth of labor productivity;
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process;
  • Raising the level of professional skill, prestige and importance of the working profession in the oil and gas industry;
  • Achieving a high level of partnership Indicators.


Competition objectives


  • Motivation and involvement of the production staff in active work on dissemination and consolidation of best practices;
  • the motivation of the workforce to achieve the best results not only in terms of production and labor indicators, but also in terms of safety, environmental protection and labor protection;
  • Identification of professional knowledge, skills, high qualification of workers in determining the best by profession;
  • study, dissemination and introduction of experience of the best by profession through the system of training and professional development of personnel in Production.


The contest of professional skills for the title of "Uzdik maman" is held in the following nominations:

1. "The best oil production operator"

2. "The best operator for well research"

3. "The best operator for preparation (product operator)"

4. "The best operator for reservoir pressure maintenance"

5. "The best mechanic for repair of oilfield equipment"

6. "The best driver of compressor installation"

7. "The best gas and electric welder"

8. "The best turner"

9. "The best Locksmith of instrumentation and control equipment"

10. "The best electrician"

11. "The best Laboratory of Chemical analysis"


All interested employees of the Partnership who were not brought to disciplinary and financial responsibility for violation of labor and / or production discipline, safety and labor requirements for the year can take part in the Competition. The selection of workers for participation in the first stage of the Competition is made by their immediate supervisor, where the results of their work for the current year are taken into account. The winners of the first stage are participating in the future at a regional competition among the work collectives of the group of companies KazMunayGas NC JSC.


Winners of the competition “Uzdik maman-2013”

  Abnazarov Nurbol

The Best Oil and Gas Production Operator
    Ualiyeva Karlygash

The Best Chemical Analysis Laboratorian
  Serekov Aidos

The Best Well Survey Operator
  Metikov Pavel

The Best Fitter on Test Equipment and Automatics
  Ibragimov Zhandos

The Best Oil Preparation Operator (commercial operator)

Pogorelov Vyacheslav

The Best Mechanic on Repair of the Oil Field Equipment

  Kozhamshukurov Ongar  

The Best Lathe Hand
  Kulbayev Yerman  

The Best Electrician
  Devlikamov Nail

The Best Reservoir Pressure Maintenance Operator
Aubakirov Temirkhan

The Best Gas Electric Welder

Winners of the competition “Uzdik maman-2014”

Winners of the competition “Uzdik maman-2015”

Winners of the competition “Uzdik maman-2016”

Winners of the competition “Uzdik maman-2017”

Winners of the competition “Uzdik maman-2018”

Winners of the competition “Uzdik maman-2019”

Winners of the competition “Uzdik maman-2023”

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