Environment protection

JV "Kazgermunai" LLP in the production process focuses on state of environment. Environmental activities in the Partnership are aimed at maximum reduction of the influence of anthropogenic impact on environment. This is achieved by compliance with approved environmental requirements, reduction of harmful emissions, including greenhouse gas emissions, protection and rational use of water resources from pollution, compliance with radiation safety at field facilities, effective introduction of waste management system, and etc.
Main objectives of the Partnership in the field of environmental protection are:
  • ensuring environmental safety at production facilities;
  • reducing negative impacts on environment through introduction of new advanced technologies, equipment, materials, and improvement process control automation;
  • rational use of natural resources, minimizing oil and gas losses.

In accordance with the industrial environmental control program monitoring is conducted in the following areas:
  • monitoring of air pollution;
  • monitoring of groundwater;
  • monitoring of waste water;
  • monitoring of soil
  • monitoring of vegetation ;
  • waste monitoring;
  • radiation monitoring

Monitoring is carried out by an external accredited laboratory on a contractual basis. Reports on industrial environmental control shall be submitted to the authorized body in the field of environmental protection on a quarterly basis.


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