Nauryz 2023 at JV Kazgermunai LLP

21 march 2023

Nauryz 2023 at JV Kazgermunai LLP


On March 19 and 20, JV Kazgermunai LLP held celebrations in honour of Nauryz Meyramy. At the Akshabulak and Nuraly fields, a concert was organised for employees of the company and contractors with the participation of artists from the Kyzylorda Regional Philharmonic Society. A festive dinner was also arranged and an athletic contest in national sports was organised.

A cultural, entertainment and sporting programme was prepared at the head office in the ethno village, and a festive lunch was served in a yurt. Company veterans, members of the Ardagher Munayshi PF, were invited to participate in the event. The company prepared memorable gifts for them.   

Acting General Director Yang Yuehua and First Deputy General Director Rinat Izmukhanbet delivered a congratulatory speech to the staff. They stressed that this year's Nauryz has a special significance for the company, as it is celebrated in the company's anniversary year.

The final event of Nauryz 2023 was Kazgermunai's traditional participation in the city-wide festivities. The company set up a yurt in the Kyzylorda square with national treats for all comers. KGM employees demonstrated to the citizens one of the rites of the Kazakh people - put in a cradle.


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