World War II veterans received gifts from JV Kazgermunai LLP

05 may 2023

World War II veterans received gifts from JV Kazgermunai LLP


On the eve of Victory Day, Kazgermunai JV LLP held the "Qartarym - asyl kazyna" event, following a good tradition for many years. First Deputy General Director Rinat Іzmuhanbet and Deputy General Director for HR and Social Affairs Botagoz Ashirbekova visited veterans of the Great Patriotic War, gave them cash prizes, commemorative addresses, sweet tea sets and listened with great interest to the memories of soldiers-liberators about their feats of arms.

The company congratulated Zhunisov Tөlegen b. 1923, Baitikov Abdrāhman b. 1924, Tasyrov Yahya b. 1922.

Tolegen Zhunisov was born in the Kyzylorda region, Terenozek district, Zhanaryk village. He was called up for military service in 1942. Has finished rates on preparation of the younger command staff. On August 22, 1944 the young man, who was not yet 21 years old, participated in the fighting for the liberation of Kharkov as a member of infantry regiment, was among the soldiers who liberated Kyiv on November 4. And on May 6, 1945 after fierce fights in Germany the 495th infantry division, in which Tolegen Zhunisov served, broke through the defense of the opponent.  Despite stubborn resistance, he and his comrades succeeded in planting the battle flag of his division on the roof of a three-storey building. After Germany capitulated the military unit where Tolegen Zhunisov served, remained to patrol Berlin. Tolegen aga returned home at the end of 1946.  Having lived almost 100 years, Tolegen Zhunisov has kept his sanity, only he complains that he has become a bit forgetful.

Baitikov went to the front as a volunteer. At the age of 17, after graduating from a seven-year school and successfully passing examinations for pedagogical college, he could not stay aside when the enemy attacked his homeland, and went to the military registration and enlistment office himself. In 1942 he was enrolled in a commander training course in Ashgabat. Not completing his studies, he was sent to the front. In 1943 he was wounded in fights at Kursk arch, got disabled of the second group and at the age of 20 was obliged to return home. In spite of the ordeal that Әbdrahman aga has undergone, he still has a humorous attitude towards everything and often jokes, including about himself.

Yahya Tasyrov lives in the village of Terenozek in the Syrdarya district. In October 1942 he was sent to the front near Stalingrad, where he took part in the operation to capture Field Marshal Paulus. In severe weather conditions he and his comrades dug trenches, anti-tank trenches, took part in fights. Further on with the company of machine-gunners he went near Kurs, where he had his first wound in an arm. After recovery he returned to the front. He participated in escorting of German prisoners of war to the destination point. Near Berlin he received his second wound, which was much more serious than the first. The shell splinters damaged both of his legs. Together with other seriously wounded he was airlifted to Moscow. There he was hospitalised for 6 months. Thanks to efforts of doctors and firmness of the fighter both legs were saved. He returned home in September, 1946. Yahiye aga was 101 years old in January. But he is still active and vigorous. And his bata is astonishing in its beauty, richness and duration.

Unfortunately, every year there are fewer and fewer veterans. And the ongoing campaign for JV Kazgermunai LLP is becoming more and more significant, because the company sees it as its duty to pay tribute to the surviving defenders of the homeland, who gave a peaceful sky to many millions of people.



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