The management board of JV Kazgermunai LLP has summarised the company's results for 2022

13 february 2023

The management board of JV Kazgermunai LLP has summarised the company's results for 2022


At the Akshabulak field, the Management Board of JV Kazgermunai LLP held a report meeting with the company's workforce on the results of 2022. For the first time, the meeting was held not in a sports hall but in a newly opened multifunctional facility - a canteen/activity hall with 150 seats. For this purpose, all the technical resources of the facility were used: a multimedia screen, remote access capabilities, and audio/video equipment. Office staff from the city and employees on an inter-shift break were able to join the reporting meeting.

Rinat İzmuhanbet, First Deputy CEO, gave a presentation on the company's activities over the past year.

He began with an analysis of accidents, occupational injuries and occupational diseases. During 12 months of 2022 no accidents or occupational injuries were registered in the company. Kazgermunai has maintained a zero injury rate for four years. This is a testament to the responsible approach of management and staff to safety compliance. During the reporting period the number of medical evacuations was reduced compared to 2021 and the total number of days of incapacity for work was also reduced by 678. The main reason for the reduction was a significant decrease in the number of cases of CVI, ARD/ ARVI among employees. The occupational safety and health plan was exceeded by 161 units.

The second block of the presentation reflected the production indicators of the partnership, organisational and geological-technical measures. The oil production plan for 2022 was exceeded by 1,301.0 thousand tons. The planned indicator for oil delivery was also exceeded by 3.4 thousand tons. The indicator for associated gas production was 230.8 million m3. The plan for water injection to maintain strata pressure was also exceeded. It reached 6,576.1 thousand cubic metres.

Drilling and commissioning of new wells achieved the targets. Twelve wells were drilled and commissioned, of which nine were development wells and three were appraisal wells. The planned geological and technical, organizational and technical measures were taken in 26 units and exceeded the expected production increment by 13.1 thousand tons. The inter-renovation period of well workovers, which has been increasing in the company since 2017, continued its growth and became 644 days instead of the expected 641 days. This is the highest indicator among NC KazMunayGas JSC's group of companies.

Then Rinat Nurgozhaevich touched upon financial indicators of JV Kazgermunai LLP, after which the employees were presented with a block of human resources management. In this section such topics as: labor discipline, filling of vacant positions, payment of bonuses, personnel training, awarding of employees were considered.

The next block of the presentation was the social block. Throughout the year, the company has fulfilled all obligations under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Material aid/lump sum benefit for 2022 was paid to 120 employees with four and more children aged under 21, 31 employees raising children without a father/mother, 20 employees having children with disabilities, 49 employees in connection with the birth of a child, 36 employees reaching 50/60 years of age, 12 employees on the occasion of retirement. Together with the employees' trade union, JV Kazgermunai LLP organised health resort treatment for 729 Kazgermunai employees and summer holidays for 350 employees' children.

The team was also presented with the SRS Social Stability Index study report for the period 2021 to 2022. The reporting meeting ended with a question-and-answer session.

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