Zhakyp Marabayev took a favorable view of “Digital Oil Field” of JV Kazgermunai LLP

29 october 2021

At the end of October, JV Kazgermunai LLP was visited on a working visit by Deputy Chairman of the Board for Exploration and Production of NC KazMunaiGas JSC Mr. Zhakyp Nassibkalievich Marabayev. During the visit, Production Analysis and Planning Center functioning under “Digital Oil Field” Project was shown to Mr. Zh. Marabayev.

The employees of the Center demonstrated the road map of the Project, where the main development stages were shown. The Project idea was originated in 2012. At that time, after large-scale transition of the wells to the artificial lift production technique, the Partnership encountered the problems with operation of the equipment, with quality of the well operation parameters, and with yield metering. The Company assigned the mission of 100-% gradual automatization of the oil field equipment, data acquisition and transfer using the telemetry system for real time processing, as well as installation of suites of automated systems and safety systems to ensure control over field development based on monitoring of the main indices.

From that time onwards, a variety of the measures were taken to enable “Digital Oil Field” to be operated. In particular: the whole production well stock at the fields of JV Kazgermunai LLP was provided with remote control; the centralized control and management systems for the process facilities were introduced; two main situation room centers were put into operation: operations center at the field and production analysis and planning center at the office in Kyzylorda.

In 2019, “Digital Oil Field” Project was favorably reviewed due to the excellent level of technical expertise, team working, innovations, and value for business. As a result, “this project became the winner of the bronze award as the “First Project of Digital Field in Russia and Central Asia” among 600 participants of the competition carried out by Schlumberger Company in order to disclose the best world projects.

The employees of KGM demonstrated to Deputy Chairman of the Board how some tools of the Project work are used, as well as the possibilities provided now for the Company by their use. These included: decrease in idle oil losses, real time operation monitoring for wells and production facilities, prompt response to their deviations from the assigned process mode, qualitative analysis of field development, idle loss analysis, etc. Also, the introduced system for visualization and support of decision making, field database for digital data acquisition and processing and drilling remote monitoring system for real time information on well construction and for decrease in time for solving of the related items were demonstrated. All of those things enabled to automatize the working processes and to minimize the human factor.

Director of Production Automation Department of Kazgermunai Mr. Viktor Onokhov said that the Company continued to work actively for the further development of the Project. In 2020, the list of potential business-initiatives was developed together with the working team of NC KazMunaiGas JSC for their further inclusion into “Digital Oil Field” Project. The most part of these initiatives is being introduced at JV Kazgermunai LLP under “ABAI Information System” Project developed by KMG Engineering LLP. In particular, the Partnership takes an interest in several modules of ABAI Information System: “ABAI Database”, “Process Mode”, “Digital Monitoring of Well Current Repair and Overhaul”, “Mapper”, “Water Flood Control”.

The works performed by the Company and results gained were favorably reviewed by Zh. Marabayev, who called on the employees of Kazgermunai to take an active part in exchange of the experience with the colleagues from the other subsidiaries.

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